GTR Presentations


Yahya Devqaops updated
Test Automation in Agile
Anti Patterns of BDD - Shrini kulkarni
IoT: Testing - Shardul Rao
Service Virtualization - Kalpna
Testing AS A Container - Irfan Ahmad
Fidelity Test Data Management
BDD along with Continuous Integration
Patterns of a "Good" Test Automation Framework, Locators & Data
Test Engagement - Vishal Prasad
Mobile Application Testing Best Practices - Sumit Mundhada
The New Gives and Takes in a testers role
Using Docker for Testing - Mukta
Amalgamation of BDD, parallel execution and mobile automation
50+ ways to improve tester - programmer relationship
Big Data - Hadoop and MapReduce - Aditya Garg
#ATAGTR2016 Twitter Action
Simulating Different-Network Speeds using JMETER
Continuous Performance Testing with Taurus and Jmeter
Demystifying Devops - Uday kumar
WiKi Based Automation Testing: Fitness & DevOps
Modelling QA Transformation with Prime
Automation Testing Approach for Responsive Web Design
Augmented Reality & Software Testing - Sourabh d
Dr. shankar-dev ops-davinci_code_GTR
Mind Wave In Testing
Digital Assurance - Today & Tomorrow
Introduction - #ATAGTR2016