Queries from Agile Testing perspective?

Agile has been a buzz word for some time now. Everyone feels they know agile and they are already doing agile. Still, some times while working in our agile testing world we get into a situation where we get a breather to have a peaceful morning coffee or an afternoon break. While having that cup of coffee or just relaxing on our own..  the thoughts sometime linger on back to work and we tend to have too many questions than answers..  Worrying indeed


  1. My client is asking me to increase the testing speed and also reduce the testing resources at the same time – has he gone nuts ?
  2. If I think differently, I start getting a feel that may be my client is right. Me and my testing team can do things much better, specially with so much time pressure and cost pressures. Is there a way out ?
  3. I always feel that there is an urgent need for the team to learn and innovate new things in testing? Should I give them more time to learn and participate in the community events and some training programs even though the time lines don’t allow me such liberty
  4. We have improved much from last year, our testing now is not one sprint behind: what can be done next.. In sprint Automation ?
  5. How can we scale up to the next level of testing ?
  6. Given the increased workload, Is there really a way to maintain the velocity and still increase testing coverage and overall quality ?
  7. Is DevOps the way for me and my team?
  8. Should I make my entire testing team learn coding ?
  9. …..

I am trying to bring some of the queries out here and want your help in commenting with your queries. Please bring out your worries and queries.

Let us see what is bothering todays teams (Testing and Agile Testing teams)

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