BlogATAhon Series1:Selenium is here

BlogATAhon brought to you by Agile Testing Alliance, DevOps++ Alliance, CP-SAT

Agile Testing Alliance is launching its blog writing competition – BlogATAhon. It starts with its first series on Selenium.
It will be great way for all the Selenium practitioners to showcase their work, their research, their passion and more importantly share knowledge. Some of the ideas on Selenium are shown on the blogATAhon page but these are not the only ones, it is upto you to get your ideas flowing and pick up your pen 🙂 or start typing..

The benefits for blogATAhon are much more than what are showcased on the its page. It allows every professional to showcase their talent, it allows everyone to attempt writing a technical article, it allows them a chance to interact with some of the mentors and jury and not to mention it is a great way to add many many brownie points to your CV(Resume).
I am sure this would be a starting point and there would be many more such series launches. Wish that we all participate in this super awesome initiative from Agile Testing Alliance, DevOps++ Alliance and CP-SAT.
Below image has some obvious benefits listed on the page.


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