ATA Mumbai Chapter's 4th Anniversary Meetup : 4th of November 2017

Agile Testing Alliance hosted it’s 18th Meetup on 4th Nov, 2017. Incidentally this meetup marked the 4th Anniversary of ATA Mumbai Chapter.
This meetup was hosted at Mastek and was attended by folks from across 18+ organizations.
The meetup started with an Introductory address by Aditya Garg.Aditya gave a brief introduction about Agile Testing Alliance, it’s global presence. This was followed by information on ATA Mumbai Chapter and it’s working committee. Aditya emphasized on the need of re skilling and constantly moving and learning new skills.
The introductory address was followed by Welcome address to the 18th Meetup by Percy Hilloo, Percy is the President of ATA Mumbai Chapter and also Service Line Director of Mastek.
Percy welcomed the folks to the 18th and also the 4th anniversary meetup of Mumbai Chapter. He highlighted some of the trends in which the industry is moving such as Machine Learning, IoT, Analytics etc. He strongly advocated that it’s the need of the hour to learn and master this skills so as to remain relevant in this highly volatile and constantly changing industry.
The meetup thus began with a session on “IoT and Raspberry Pi with a Live Demo”. The session was jointly conducted by Aditya Garg and Harsh Shah from ATA. The session gave insights into the evolution of internet and the emergence of Internet of Things. The session covered some use cases on IoT by demonstrating some live examples. This was done by Raspberry Pi which is a mini computer in itself. The demo enthralled the participants and showcased the participants wide world of possibilities on Internet of Things.
It was followed by a tea break and a cake cutting ceremony (ATA Mumbai meetup celebrated its 4th anniversary)

There was a quiz session which had a great participation

The session that followed was on “Risk Based Exploratory Testing”, this was presented by Gaurav Pimplikar & Siddhesh Bowalekar from Mastek. 
The session explained the importance of exploratory testing and the methodology to carry out risk based testing in a project.
Appaji from Capgemini conducted a session on Automation and Robot Framework. 
Appaji highlighted some of the major challenges that are faced in a automation project or while developing an automation framework for the organization.
This was followed by how Robot framework can help and make the problems easier to solve. Appaji demonstrated the same with a live demo.
To conclude, the meetup was a nice blend of fun, learnings and also  the celebration of 4th Anniversary of ATA Mumbai Chapter. Big thanks to all our speakers and special thanks to our host Mastek
Looking forward for more of such events! cheers

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