CP-SAT Syllabus updated!!!

Yes, with the retirement of IDE beyond Firefox 55 version, Agile Testing Alliance updated the syllabus to remove IDE from the syllabus completely. This also means that there will be no more questions on IDE in both CP-SAT Theory and CP-SAT Practical Examination

Also ATA body took this opportunity to add new content as well as updated existing content so as to match current industry needs. Here’s some highlights about the same

  1. Hybrid Framework  (NEW)-  Apart from Data Driven Framework, participants will be able to setup Keyword Driven Framework from scratch – identifying the action keywords, setting up Data, creating Object Repository, running test execution along with writing the results into file. The participants will then integrate Data Driven Framework + Keyword Driven Framework and come up with Hybrid Framework.
  2. Maven Integration with Jenkins (New) – Syllabus already had ANT integration with Jenkins, but there was more demand for Maven Integration. So keeping in mind that DevOps practices has been growing rapidly syllabus has been updated and participants will be now able to run Maven project with Jenkins.
  3. TestNG Annotations (Updated)- Apart from Basic annotations, participants will be able to sequence,prioritize,skip their tests, create dependencies among tests. They will be also able to group their tests at the class level as well as package level. These annotations are very useful in very large projects where multiple regression cycles comprising large no of tests has to be executed. With the help of these annotations participants will be able to practice some industry best practices
  4. WebDriver Exercises 3.0 (Updated) – Since CP-SAT is a 100 % practical hands-on training, participants will use the latest Selenium WebDriver versions 3.xx to practice all their exercises. So right from typing keywords in search boxes, selecting drop down values and radio buttons to checking out price sorting in e-commerce portals, participants will be doing all these and more exercises using Selenium 3.x.x

Apart from these as part of existing syllabus of CP-SAT, participants will be doing Data-Driven Framework (Apache POI), set up Page Object Model, use Page Factory, and lastly learn how to implement Selenium GRID in their projects.

CP-SAT webpage has all the details. Please click on the URL below or click on the image below.

CPSAT web page
CPSAT details

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