Popular Mobile Test Cloud Supports Open Source Appium

Authors: Shrinathacharya L M, Ajay Suresh and Santhosh GS from Allscripts

Imagine you want to automate the test cases of your mobile app with open source tool and does the Appium answers below questions
1) Is Appium an open source automation tool for mobile automation? Yes, Appium is apt.
2) Does selenium large community fascinate you? Appium too. Appium is extended from Selenium.
3) Looking for your app to be certified on Mobile Test Cloud with Appium automation Scripts? Yes, with help of Xamarin Test Cloud, Perfecto, Sauce Lab and more.
4) Are you looking for a tool which supports multiple language support for mobile test script development? Yes, Appium script can be developed with Java, C#, PHP, Objective-C, JavaScript with node.js, Ruby, Python.
5) Does Appium support to test Native, Web App and Hybrid mobile app? Yes, it supports all three types of mobile app.

Let us see in detail about Appium and Mobile Test Cloud

What is Appium?
Appium is a test automation framework extended from Selenium Web driver for testing mobile application. It’s an open source automation tool and supports the programming languages as same as selenium like Java, C#, PHP, Objective-C, JavaScript with node.js, Ruby, Python.

Different types of mobile app
The mobile apps are classified into 3 types. They are Native, web app and Hybrid mobile app.
Appium supports testing all three types of mobile apps

Native mobile app – Mobile app built with using Android SDK for Android operating system and similarly iOS SDK for Apple iOS

Mobile web app – Mobile app is websites built using HTML5 runs on both Android, iOS and other mobile operating systems browsers.

Hybrid app – are built using cross platform framework/technologies like Xamarin, PhoneGap, Appcelerator and Cordova for building most popular mobile operating systems such as Android, iOS and Windows app.

Mobile Test Cloud Environment
Now days, there is a big competition in the mobile market with the various mobile operating systems, screen sizes with many manufactures. Certifying mobile app on all possible combination of OS, screen size and manufactures plays a vital role in order to be first in the market by releasing successful product in the booming IT industry. Mobile Test Cloud environment provides all combination of real devices on cloud environment, where in we can test mobile app.

What are the advantages you get from mobile test cloud environment?
• In agile era, faster time to market is very much important, which can be achieved by certifying the mobile app on many devices on one click with parallel execution.
• Any new devices arrival can be easily tested with mobile cloud license.
• Mobile test cloud environment provides real devices on cloud as well as emulators and simulators for testing mobile app, where we need to automate our test case and execute on test cloud environment.

Appium Support in Mobile Test Cloud
There are numerous mobile test cloud environments, which can be used for mobile app testing. The most popular are listed below are the supported with Appium automation script.
1) Sauce Labs
2) Perfecto Mobile Test Cloud
3) Xamarin Test Cloud
Xamarin Test Cloud support with Appium
Appium automation scripts can be run on Xamarin Test Cloud with scripts written in Java, Java (TestNG), Python, Objective-C, JavaScript.
Currently C# Appium scripts can’t be upload to Xamarin Test Cloud.
Xamarin test cloud is having its own UITest framework but it also supports Calabash, XCUITest and Appium.

How it works?
Here is the pictorial representation

As of today, Xamarin Test Cloud is having 3043 real devices.

Prerequisite for Appium Script development on Windows Machine?
• Install Appium
• Java SDK
• Android SDK

Cost Factors
Automation Development Cost
Appium tool Open Source (Free)
Learning Curve Open source with strong community and extension of Selenium.
Mobile Test Cloud Pay as you use or concurrent usage licence.
Parallel Execution Possible. Same scripts can be executed on multiple devices parallel.

Refer the pricing model of test cloud environment on their respective websites.



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