4th Anniversary Celebrations of ATA Pune Chapter

Agile Testing Alliance hosted it’s 16th Meetup in Pune on 9th December 2017. This was incidentally the 4th Anniversary of ATA Pune Chapter.

ATA Pune Chapter is one of the largest and the most active ATA chapter. The meetup was hosted at Fujitsu India. ATA would like to express gratitude to our  hosts, Mr. Jignesh Patel , Mr. Dhananjay Deshpande, Mr Chintaman and the entire team of Fujitsu for making this meetup a grand success.
Testing community had an extensive representation in this meetup. Folks from across 31 organizations had registered for the meetup and the meetup was attended by more than 60 folks.
The meetup commenced with the introductory address by Aditya Garg, he highlighted the core value of “benevolence” and its relevance in the IT industry.

He also gave a brief overview of ATA as a global body and the activities in the Pune region. The slide deck is available on the following URL
This was followed by a Welcome address from Mr. Jignesh Patel, CoE, Head, Fujitsu Consulting India

A very comprehensive session on BigData Testing by Shreya Pal followed next. Shreya is one of the chief architect at Saama technologies and an expert in Big Data. Shreya explained the term “Big Data” is a very lucid way and cleared misconceptions in this field. The session emphasized on the architectural significance of testing big data applications. The BigData testing areas were elaboratively explained by Shreya. She also patiently addressed all the queries related to the topic.

Shreya slide deck is available on the following URL
This was followed by a session on Internet of Things and Raspberry Pi with a Live Demo. The session was conducted by Aditya Garg and Harsh Shah. The session began with some fundamentals on internet and the buzz word in the industry i.e IoT. This was followed by some of the case studies on IoT and its industrial applications. The use cases were followed by a live demo of IoT using Raspberry Pi. The duo showcased the use of sensors and controlling of AC powered devices using Raspberry Pi and integrating it with IoT. The talk concluded with the scope of the testing arena in IoT.

Slide deck is available on the following URL.
This was followed by another interesting session on “Deep Dive: Kanban” by Aditya Deshpande. Aditya is a QA Lead in FIS Sunguard, Pune. Aditya splendidly explained the term “Kanban” and it’s importance in the software industry. The concept of “Finish First” was well put in with the help of an exercise and a video. The comparison between scrum and Kanban was also put out succinctly by Aditya. The URL for the slide deck and pictures are as below.

The last session for the day was done by Mr. Sanjay Upadhyay on “Machine Learning”. The session gave insights on the current buzz word in the industry. Sanjay nicely depicted that Machine Learning is the future of technology and we must learn and adapt to the technological advancements in the industry.
The URL for the slide deck and pictures are as below

The meetup concluded with the felicitation of CP-MAT certified folks in the recent program conducted by ATA followed by cake cutting ceremony. The entire team sang a happy birthday song for ATA.

Birthday celebration YouTube  URL is as below

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