4th Anniversary of ATA Mumbai Chapter

Agile Testing Alliance’s Mumbai Chapter celebrated it’s 4th Anniversary this year. As a part of this, ATA hosted it’s 18th Mumbai Meetup on 4th November 2017 at Mastek. ATA Mumbai Chapter has covered a long journey from the inaugural meetup which was held on 28th September 2013 to the 18th Meetup. The Meetup was extremely well attended with folks from more than 18 organizations registering and attending the meetup.

ATA would like to express their gratitude to the entire team of Mastek especially Mr. Percy Hilloo, Service Line Director Mastek and Mr. Pritpal Singh, Test Lead, Mastek for helping ATA host this meetup in their premises and making this meetup a remarkable success.
The Meetup commenced with the Introductory address by  Mr. Aditya Garg, Aditya is the steering Committee Member of Agile Testing Alliance.  Aditya began the introductory session by highlighting some of current affairs, with regards to the slump and the current scenario in the IT Industry, he also gave some positive news in App testing and other areas. Theme for the meetup was all about trying, learning new things The theme for the meetup was setup by a quote from Ashish Nehra, “If you can, then sprint. If not, then run. Can’t run? Then Jog. Won’t Jog? Then at least walk! Can’t walk? Then crawl but just keep on moving” linking to the need of reinventing, reskilling and continuous learning for every individual. Introduction session highlights are showcased in the following image collage.

This was followed by Welcome address by Percy Hilloo, Service Line Director, Mastek. Percy is also the president of ATA Mumbai Chapter. He welcomed the folks to the 4th Anniversary Celebrations of ATA Mumbai chapter and gave some valuable insights in the testing arena.

The welcome address was followed by the first session for the day by Mr. Aditya Garg and Harsh Shah on IoT and Raspberry Pi with a Live Demo. The session gave an essence of Internet of Things. This was depicted by evolution of Internet with IoT being the latest advent in this journey. Thus making the picture clear of what does IoT mean, the duo highlighted some of the case studies of Industrial IoT. The session also included a demo with Raspberry Pi which demonstrated the use of IoT sensors and controlling AC devices with web interface. The session concluded with the demo and the showcased the vast world of opportunities in Internet of Things. After an insightful session on IoT it was “Quiz Time” some enthralling and mindboggling questions.
Gaurav Pimplikar & Siddhesh Bowalekar from Mastek presented on “Risk Based Exploratory Testing” They showed the importance of exploratory testing of an application and the rise in trend in Exploratory Testing over the years. Exploratory Testing was demonstrated to the audience by giving a problem statement, for Web-Check In for flights. The outcomes expected from this problem statement were :  Impacts of Change request on the system, Ideas for exploratory Testing and the test conditions. Based on the exercise, the calculation of risk for the application had been calculated which would eventually help to design and test the application better.

This was followed by the session on Automation and Robot Framework by Appaji, Appaji is Test Automation Architect at Capgemini. Appaji gave a live demo of using Robo Framework for managing and executing selenium scripts. It was a great session for all the participants to realize the extensibility and ease of doing automation using an open source framework (Robo Framework)

We look forward to more such meetups. If you are interested to host similar meetups in your organization please get in touch with us at
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