Are you ready for a live Selenium Test Automation Challenge #AutomATAhon18

Testing teams are often in need of challenging themselves and their skills. Agile Testing Alliance have in the past brought competitions like #BugATAhon and #AutomATAhon. In this series our latest competition is meant for all those who know selenium automation testing tool.
What exactly is #AutomATAhon18
This is a live challenge/competition on Selenium. This is actually a precursor event to #SeleniumSummit18. A selenium conference happening on 22nd of March in Pune.
As an individual or as a pair you would have to solve some tough challenges to test automate using Selenium as a tool. You would have to submit your selenium code.
You have to bring in your own device (laptop) and your own broadband/tethering devices. Challenge will be provided just before the competition starts. You will have to solve it with in one hour and submit your solutions. Code submissions would be required. Detailed rules are listed in section below.
How can I participate
If you know Selenium you can participate. You will have to register for the event which is happening across three cities. Bangalore on 3rd Feb, Pune on 16th Feb and Mumbai on 17th Feb.
Location wises details are as below

Date: 3rd Feb | Location: All Scripts
Register here

Date: 17th Feb | Location: 10000 Startups NASSCOM
Register here

Date: 16th Feb | Location: Tieto
Register here

  • It is an Individual or Pair event
  • Total Duration for the AutomATAhon 1 hour
  • Live Challenge(s) will be given to the participants during the meetup
  • Participants would have to use Selenium as an automation tool
  • Participants will have to carry their own laptops
  • Participants are free to use their own internet during the competition
  • Participants are suggested to carry their own internet dongles
  • One person can be part of only one team
  • Teams/Individuals will not be allowed to talk to each other during the competition
  • Participants can also form a cross organization teams (which means that team members can be there from different organizations)
  • Submission would be in the form of code/files.
    The submission should be able to run on the Jury/Judges Machine
  • Evaluation will be based on following points (Evaluation criterion may get modified)
  1. Robustness of automation
  2. Time taken to execute the script (Speed of execution)
  3. Completeness of all the challenges
  4. Correctness of the challenges in hand
  5. Maintainability

There are some exciting prizes to be won. For more details visit the AutomATAhon tab on the conference page.
If you have any queries please feel free to get in touch with us at
Happy Test Automation
Hope to see the brightest mind and experts show case their talent!
#SeleniumSummit18 Team

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