Should I attend Agile Testing Alliance's 17th Meetup – 3rd Feb?

Most of the times one simple thought always comes to our mind, what is in it for me to attend a program that too a free event on a saturday morning. Weekends are meant to laze around and to have fun.. why then I even bother to be a part of such a meetup or a community event.
If you believe the old adage that goes “it’s not what you know but who you know” then you will appreciate the importance of such community meetups. If you are into testing and if you are into agile or devOps ATA’s Bangalore meetup is a great place to meet influential people in your testing community. It is a great place for you to learn new things. It is a great place to share your learnings. ATA Bangalore Meetup is a great way to plug into a like-minded group of testing people who share your interests, thus will surely open up opportunities for collaboration, learning and most importantly growth.
Look at a sample topic from our 17th Meetup happening on 3rd of Feb
Transforming Automation Through Artificial Intelligence and Demo by Manohar Karuvadi and Rakesh Aradhya from Allscripts
Would you ever get a chance to learn something like this on your own ? We are sure you can and there is nothing that is impossible. But here there are experts bringing their learnings which has been assimilated over some time. Benefits to learn from them in such a short span of time is immense. You wil not only learn new things but a get a chance to create new reference points to reach out to in case you need more information later.
If you want to know more about the entire agenda or learn and be a part of this latest area of testing – register here now
Look at another fun competition happening in this meetup. It is a live selenium automation competition called as #AutomATAhon.

If you are into selenium you should just come to participate in this challenge and show that you belong to this community and you have the will to test your self.. dont you think it will help you learn and challenge yourself. You would also get a chance to meet peers who are also testing their selenium knowledge…
To know more about #AutomATAhon please click on the following URL
This meetup will be the first venue for #AutomATAhon18 venue
Some facts about ATA Bangalore Community

  1. It is the largest agile and devOps testing community in Bangalore
  2. It is a community run by volunteers from testing and agile space
  3. It is having its 17th meetup on 3rd of February
  4. It is one of the finest community where you not only learn but network with some of the best peers in your industry
  5. It is supported by organizations like AllScripts, Coviam, L&T Infotech and many many more

We want you to be a part of this community which is for the people, by the people and Of the people.

Register for the event here or by clicking on the adjacent image. Attend our 17th Meetup and find out for your self. If you want to be our volunteer or want to host this meetup in your organization do get in touch with us at
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