Selenide Integration in Behavior Driven Development


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What is Selenide ?
The most common tool for UI tests in Java today is Selenium WebDriver. Though it’s a great tool, it still can be improved. With Webdriver there are issues specially with reference to Timeout and other Ajax calls. Lot of efforts are taken up in searching for relevant log lines, debugging your tests. Selenide helps you overcome all of these challenges and is touted as one of the most concise UI tests in Java.
As per  Selenide is a framework for test automation powered by Selenium WebDriver that brings the following advantages:

  • Concise fluent API for tests
  • Ajax support for stable tests
  • Powerful selectors
  • Simple configuration

Selenide Frameworks does browser shutdown for you, handles timeouts and Stale Element Exceptions. Thus allowing testers to just focus on business logic and test fluently.
What is BDD ?
BDD (Behavior Driven Development) as the name suggest is deriving development from behaviors. The basic theme is write behaviors first and then start coding. Similar to TDD or ATDD where tests are used to drive development, BDD goes one step ahead where the behaviors written in plain English language drives the tests and thus development. The tests are written or explained as behavior of application and thus are more user focused, allowing extreme collaboration between business, development and testing teams. To read more about what actually is BDD and what it is not please refer the following blog by Shivram Mani
How do we integrate Selenide with BDD
This is an interesting take on whether we can and how can we get the entire BDD integration with Selenide done.
Kushan Shalindra Amarasiri is a speaker for #SeleniumSummit18. With the experience Kushan gained researching various tools, technologies and add-ons for test automation frameworks, Kushan has successfully integrated the Selenide test automation tool with Cucumber BDD plugin. Kushan would present this interesting paper in the conference on 22nd March.
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To know more about the schedule please click on the following image. Or please visit the following URL

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Kushan is also doing a post conference workshop on 23rd March
For more details please click on the following URL
Happy learnings!

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