Starting a new era in test automation career

Today test automation has become a vital part in Quality Engineering. Most of the organizations truly emphasis that their test process should be automated. One of the key objectives here is to cut down the unnecessary operating cost in software development. Another plus area is to deliver the product faster to the market which facilitates agile and Devops practices.

When we see a job advertisement these days for a Quality Engineer, a vital skill requirement for everyone to know test automation. The organizations expect the professionals to know the tool and how to design and develop the tool. Today if a person is going to migrate to a country like Australia, Canada and even United States its very much essential to know test automation. If you aren’t skill in this area, chances of getting a good job is less. Some even have faced job losses due to the lack of knowledge in test automation. As a community most of us have learned its value and there are tons of queries that comes on LinkedIn and Whats App. The most common question is “How do I start test automation ?”

We know that the pinnacle or the god father of test automation is Selenium. We have tons of training, articles and tutorials on Selenium and some are repeating. Some are not covering the essentials that are needed for the organizations test automation practices. Being an experienced Selenium test automation expert I have seen that some lacks standardization.

When I really went through the content of CP-SAT by ATA I saw that topics covered what was demanded when we embark on test automation in an organization. I saw a great success in it. It has a great set of topics which allows us to learn the core components of creating a test automation framework with Selenium. One can start learning Selenium with the set of topics laid by CP-SAT.

The next things I see the value of CP-SAT is the exam and certification it provides to each candidate. Although we learn Selenium via self study or by a trainer, the exams and certification helps us to measure the level of knowledge and standards of each individual.

CP-SAT is the unique test automation certification that can be found globally which covers core Selenium concepts and practices, which other QA certifications are not able to cover. It balances both theoretical aspects and also the practical application of Selenium. I need to specially highlight the practical paper which really allows us to apply what we have learned practically with real live web solutions available. It really gives us to learn how to automate in real world.

The other point that I would love to highlight with CP-SAT experience is that trainers are highly qualified and they are licensed to train the participants. They have been selected after go through a separate licensing examination where passing the criteria of the exam enabled a person to train on CP-SAT.

CP-SAT relay is great push to all of us to learn Selenium automation and excel in our carrier. The team of professionals in ATA has really done it and a great kudos goes to them. The other thing I would like to highlight is the awesomeness of the ATA team. They are really supportive from the beginning till the end of our journey of certification. I was given continues support and guidance and immense help.

Finally I had a vision to help my country and global community to learn Selenium in the right way. Being a CP-SAT professional and a trainer now my dream has come to a reality. Thanks to all the great efforts of ATA for bringing this up. Looking forward to an awesome journey with ATA and DevOps alliance….

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