Web Services Testing and why learning is important for test professionals like us…

Many organizations today design, develop and deploy web services which allows most of the business processes to be accessed internally as well as by external customers. Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Flicker, Netflix are some of the leading giants  in the software arena who rely and supply their product via web services. These web services are also utilized with modern technologies like micro services based architectures where web services communicates each other and also internet of things which is trending area in the global software technological industry.

Being test automation professionals we should test a web service in every aspect, such as

  • Reliability – The web service should be accessible and functional 24*7 for the customers, example the web services provided via a bank.
  • Secure – Most of the web services should be accessed via a secure channel, data it transmits as request and responses should encrypted in most stringent manner where the its should not be compromised any manner.
  • Performance – Web services are not accessed by a single person. It will be accessed by a large scale of user base and in a peak time. As test professionals we should always be conscious to load and stress test a web service before it is being released to the public domain.
  • Functionally robust – Web services should be cover the functional requirements, this includes testing both happy path and the negative paths of a given web service.

Web services can be tested manually as well as its testing can be automated. Testing of web services is going to stay for long time in the software testing arena and it is the first thing that a test professional should learn upon.

Looking upon the testing hierachy of needs web services testing should be at the highest priority than UI testing and UI test automation.

Postman is one of the most popular and demanding tool in the web services testing world. It is an all in one suite which starts from publishing/mocking/testing and even monitoring web services.

Fiddler is also an awesome tool that a test professional should learn which also helps us to run a web services test and also execute a suite of web services in an automated way.

Apart from such manual testing tools we should also engage upon automation of testing web services with fantastic, industrial demanding tools such as RestAssured, UniRest and also Karate.

It is a must these days that a person who wants to excel in testing have hands on experience using these tools.

Looking at the Tweeter feed published by Dmitri Korobtsov ( shows that Postman and Rest Assured are widely used web services testing tools while Karate and UniRest are also going to dominate in the near future.


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