Global Testing Retreat #ATAGTR2019 welcomes Ganesh Padmanaban as our esteemed speaker

We would like to Welcome Ganesh Padmanaban as our esteemed speaker for Global Testing Retreat #ATAGTR2019
Ganesh Padmanaban is a part of ‘Non-Functional Testing CoE’ practice in Citibank. The last nine years he has supported major performance initiatives for UK and US based Leading Banks in different roles including performance tester, performance analyst and worked on various technologies like Blockchain, RPA, Accessibility, Security testing and Robotics. He speaks and writes about performance engineering and learns new technologies every year. He is currently working in India – Chennai.
Ganesh is our esteemed speaker for #ATAGTR2019.
Ganesh will be taking an Interactive Session on “Blockchain Quality Assurance & Scalability Testing” – Track 2 on Day 2


The Blockchain technology started as the innovation that powered the cryptocurrency Bitcoin. In recent years, leaders in finance, banking and many more streams has given this innovation and trying to adopt the technology but the efforts are hindered by a series of bottlenecks, such as problem in scalability as the Blockchain based transactions can only complete when all parties update their respective ledger. In the current situation compared to payment systems such as visa can process up to 1667 tps leaving behind Blockchain at 20 tps which is a major concern for the top companies to adopt the technology.

As the focus continues to shift from proofs of concept and pilots to production implementations over the next five years, testing will be a key factor in the technology’s success. Signature verification, redundancy and security within the network are main key areas to focus in testing when a transaction is processed in a distributed decentralized network which is quite different from testing traditional applications.

This paper will focus on the Blockchain performance testing concepts and strategy that could be adopted to prove the implication of the new technology. Key aspects that will be covered are
• Performance testing strategy and key areas to focus for measuring the performance of a decentralized private and public Blockchain’s.
• Testing and validating the performance of the full stack platform by allowing rapid simulation of a network of nodes which process transactions with the ability to emulate realistic network conditions using whiteblock testing suite.

AI monitoring using machine learning algorithm – which will be in a position to autodiscovers full traffic from End User to Application to Block chain to Infrastructure. AI detects elastically scaling resources which exits briefly and gives monitors required to verify the performance.

We had posted some questions to Ganesh as a part of his #ATAMyStory
1. Why do you think speaking at #ATAGTR2019 really matters to you?
Meeting new Quality Assurance Engineer’s and sharing knowledge, learning something new, updating myself on current market trends in Quality Assurance.
2. Do you think that organizations and individuals should go out and mingle more in community programs?
Yes, 200% recommended in the current Data era. I have moved out of my comfort zone started attending multiple meetups every month, talking to new tester’s across geolocations. This practice has definitely shaped up my career in 2019 and I have completed 3 sessions as a speaker till date. I’m sure I can motivate and inspire the fellow tester’s in GTR2019.
3. While practice makes all of us perfect, share an everyday practice that has made things better for you at work
I plan my day every morning. Checklist for short term and long term goal and go pro on productivity hacks and follow influencer’s on YouTube every day to be better at work.

About Global Testing Retreat, #ATAGTR2019

#ATAGTR2019 is one of the largest, most fun filled and learning filled global testing conference. #ATAGTR2019 is back again in its 4th edition with more fun and more learnings than in the past. The conference is scheduled on 14th and 15th December in Pune.

  • 2 Days
  • 2 Panel Discussions
  • 4 Keynotes
  • 5 Skits and Games
  • 38 Interactive Sessions
  • 18+ Labs
    Loads of fun, competitions and much much more.

Day 1 has 5 tracks and Day 2 has 6 tracks.
Focusing on interactive sessions, labs/workshops, skit performances and fun activities and quizzes and much much more.
The conference scale as is evident has increased substantially. We hope that everyone can be part of this most fun filled and one of the largest global testing conference.
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