Global Testing Retreat #ATAGTR2019 welcomes Rakesh Kondreddy as our esteemed speaker

We would like to Welcome Rakesh Kondreddy as our esteemed speaker for Global Testing Retreat #ATAGTR2019
Rakesh Kondreddy is currently working as Sr. Software Test Engineer at Ellucian and previously worked at Oracle. At Ellucian, he is responsible for providing end-to-end product quality for Ethos suite and manages Test Pyramid process for testing teams.
He has delivered speeches at International and National testing conferences on Software product quality with emerging technologies like Accessibility and visual Testing and promote Agile process methodology.
Rakesh is our esteemed speaker for #ATAGTR2019.
Rakesh will be taking an Interactive Session on “Visual Test Automation Using AI powered solution” – Track 1 on Day 1


We are in a digital world where every organization trying to push code to live production to showcase exciting features and content in lightening way without compromising quality. However, with test automation mostly being performed today for functionality, many websites are left lacking usability. This is because functional testing doesn’t test for how a page looks across different browsers and screen sizes. This is where visual testing comes in, complementing the efforts of functional testing.
I would like to demonstrate the below:
1. What is Visual Test Automation
2. Benefits of Visual Test Automation
3. Tools for Visual Test Automation , Challenges and Expectations from them
4. Visual Testing Process – Manual vs Test Automation
5. Practical Demonstration of Visual Test Automation

We had posted some questions to Rakesh as a part of his #ATAMyStory
1. Why do you think speaking at #ATAGTR2019 really matters to you?
ATAGTR is close to my heart and spoke at ATAGTR2018 too. ATAGTR provides me a great platform to interact and share knowledge on software quality with delegates from various backgrounds. It helped me to gain insights on emerging areas. Overall GTR is a fun-filled informative technical conference where I can meet out of box thinkers and industry peers from various areas of testing.
2. Do you think that organizations and individuals should go out and mingle more in community programs?
Yes, Companies should promote the culture to meet people in both internal and external ways. They should provide support to conduct meet-ups and workshops for sharing their knowledge with the community. Individuals will benefit by introducing/improving testing processes by attending conferences and interaction with testing peers. People will realize their true potential and increase efficiency and organization can utilize their services as per needs. It’s always nice catching up with old friends in the community and making new ones.
3. While practice makes all of us perfect, share an everyday practice that has made things better for you at work
Do these on a weekly basis to grow in your career. Read an article from a testing blog which encourages to pursue new ideas and enhances your thought process in designing solutions.
Help others in community forums like Stackoverflow with your technical skills. Share your expertise with articles on and LinkedIn.Work on projects or ideas which motivates you daily for an hour.
Anything else you want to share – coin your own questions…
What is your Motto?
“Be a defect Preventer than a Finder in Software products”. Act proactively in testing to enhance quality.

About Global Testing Retreat, #ATAGTR2019

#ATAGTR2019 is one of the largest, most fun filled and learning filled global testing conference. #ATAGTR2019 is back again in its 4th edition with more fun and more learnings than in the past. The conference is scheduled on 14th and 15th December in Pune.

  • 2 Days
  • 2 Panel Discussions
  • 4 Keynotes
  • 5 Skits and Games
  • 38 Interactive Sessions
  • 18+ Labs
    Loads of fun, competitions and much much more.

Day 1 has 5 tracks and Day 2 has 6 tracks.
Focusing on interactive sessions, labs/workshops, skit performances and fun activities and quizzes and much much more.
The conference scale as is evident has increased substantially. We hope that everyone can be part of this most fun filled and one of the largest global testing conference.
To know more about the conference, click here or on the image below

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