Global Testing Retreat #ATAGTR2019 welcomes Jibendu Narayan Mazumder as our esteemed speaker

We would like to Welcome Jibendu Narayan Mazumder as our esteemed speaker for Global Testing Retreat #ATAGTR2019
Jibendu Narayan Mazumder is currently heading the Business Development group within Cognizant’s Banking and Financial Services (BFS) Quality Engineering and Assurance (QE&A) practice and have around 14 years of industry experience. He specialize in architecting and overseeing implementation of transformational strategies & roadmaps for large and complex QA programs and have helped several clients achieve their vision of becoming world-class QA organizations. Prior to joining Cognizant, he worked with companies such as PricewaterhouseCoopers and KPMG.
He hold BE and ME degrees in Electronics and Telecom Engineering from Jadavpur University and an MBA degree from Questrom School of Business, Boston University, USA
Jibendu is our esteemed speaker for #ATAGTR2019.
Jibendu will be taking a Lightning Talk Session on “Swallowables – The Next QA Frontier?” – Track 1 on Day 1


Internet of Things (IoT) has gradually evolved to take the centre stage of the consumer technology market with an astounding projected market size of $520 Bn by 2021*. Although the potential market volume grabs the eyeballs easily, the product types have not kept pace until recently, with the market being comprised of the same basic products like smart watches, health and fitness trackers, cameras, headsets and smart glasses.

Conditions, however, are ripe for the next evolution in IoT with the advent of smart clothing (e.g. self-tying shoelaces, temperature-regulating fabric), bio-wearables (e.g. smart contact lenses) and, most importantly, “Swallowables” or Ingestible IoTs. The recent FDA approval of digital pills / swallowable sensors has given further boost to this technology, which we expect to garner ~ $8 Bn in IoT services revenue by 2026. This is too large a pie to be ignored and hence charting out the right Quality Assurance strategy for swallowables is of utmost importance.

Our paper analyzes the swallowables ecosystem and identifies 5 representative layers, viz. Device (ingestible + wearable), Patient Smartphone App, Gateway, Cloud Platform & Physician / Caregiver App. Further, a comprehensive QA strategy for the entire ecosystem has been charted out and the QA needs for each layer have been identified. The paper also delves deep into each of these types of testing and proposes a test orchestration process to showcase how the entire gamut of testing can be performed for a typical business flow.

We had posted some questions to Jibendu as a part of his #ATAMyStory
1. Why should someone choose testing as a career ? Or What does testing really mean to you ?
Testing, for sure, is not for everyone. In many ways testing is much tougher than development as it requires good understanding of technology, functionality and an acumen to find bugs. One should choose testing as a career to be able to have a well-rounded view of the product and yet be able to be the final authority to move things to production.
2. While practice makes all of us perfect, share an everyday practice that has made things better for you at work
One practice I deliberately try to follow is trying to have an impact on someone else’s life. These can range from simple acts like saying “Hello” or wishing “Good Morning” to acquaintances and strangers alike, to actively help others in their daily lives. This has helped me in establishing connects with lot of people at workplace. I have realized in lot of cases knowing the right person is a solution of lot of problems, This habit of mine has helped me address quite a few professional hadships.
3. The most challenging bug or issue that I have found and learnings from it ? Or The most challenging testing task that I have done and how I accomplished the same
I was part of a corporate banking re-platform with go-live dates that could not move. The application was buggy but the testing team put extra effort and weekend work to ensure the end product was free from any defect. Ultimately, we were able to ensure 0 defect leakage to production. The learning I got from this experience was that success has no short cuts.

About Global Testing Retreat, #ATAGTR2019

#ATAGTR2019 is one of the largest, most fun filled and learning filled global testing conference. #ATAGTR2019 is back again in its 4th edition with more fun and more learnings than in the past. The conference is scheduled on 14th and 15th December in Pune.

  • 2 Days
  • 2 Panel Discussions
  • 4 Keynotes
  • 5 Skits and Games
  • 38 Interactive Sessions
  • 18+ Labs
    Loads of fun, competitions and much much more.

Day 1 has 5 tracks and Day 2 has 6 tracks.
Focusing on interactive sessions, labs/workshops, skit performances and fun activities and quizzes and much much more.
The conference scale as is evident has increased substantially. We hope that everyone can be part of this most fun filled and one of the largest global testing conference.
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