Global Testing Retreat #ATAGTR2019 welcomes Sherlin Mathew as our esteemed speaker

We would like to Welcome Sherlin Mathew as our esteemed speaker for Global Testing Retreat #ATAGTR2019
Sherlin Mathew is working as a Performance Test Manager with Cognizant Technologies Solutions with a total of 13+ years experience in performance testing predominantly in the banking and financial services domain.

Sherlin is our esteemed speaker for #ATAGTR2019.
Sherlin will be taking an Game Session on “(Play is the highest form of research) – Game” – Track 2 on Day 1


Let us start with discussing a little bit about the paper title and to do that let’s play the ‘T’ game. Now the ‘T’ game is a jigsaw puzzle consisting of 4 jigsaw pieces as shown in the image below. You have 5 minutes to complete the puzzle and post which we will discuss the learnings.

Now this is a simple game which most often people are not able to crack and the reason being our inability to see beyond the expected. The first thing to note is, we all know how the English letter ‘T’ is written, (after all we are from the ‘T’esting community) We have our pre-conceived notions about how the pieces should be aligned, to form the letter T. We are not open to imagining it in any other form of placement. And this is a classic example of starting to think outside of the box. It enables us to have innovative solutions to simple problems. (Here in this case the problem is a simple 4 piece jigsaw puzzle but the solution is a neat and innovative one.) which I think is a much needed skill in the testing world.

So moving ahead, in this paper I would like to introduce pointers such as ‘Making testing relatable to the real world’ ‘Win win situation for all teams’, ’Understanding the legacy/background of applications’,’Learning testing concepts ‘and several others which I feel are very essential to develop the right mind set for testing and yes it will be covered in a fun filled manner complete with puzzles, games and visual aids

We had posted some questions to Sherlin as a part of his #ATAMyStory
1. Why do you think speaking at #ATAGTR2019 really matters to you?
Speaking at ATAGTR 2019 matters to me because it is an important platform to put forth my views/ ideas and explore the latest happenings in the testing world.
It matters to me since it is also one way of giving back to the community on the knowledge-sharing front.
Quote – ‘We are stronger when we listen and smarter when we share’.
2. Do you think that organizations and individuals should go out and mingle more in community programs ?
Yes absolutely, interactions in such community programs is very essential and a healthy learning experience.
Quote – ‘Everyone you will ever meet knows something you don’t
– Bill Nye’
3. While practice makes all of us perfect, share an everyday practice that has made things better for you at work

The one practice that I follow is Preparation of my daily ‘to – do’ list so that I can plan and prioritize the tasks for the day. A simple and effective practice.

About Global Testing Retreat, #ATAGTR2019

#ATAGTR2019 is one of the largest, most fun filled and learning filled global testing conference. #ATAGTR2019 is back again in its 4th edition with more fun and more learnings than in the past. The conference is scheduled on 14th and 15th December in Pune.

  • 2 Days
  • 2 Panel Discussions
  • 4 Keynotes
  • 5 Skits and Games
  • 38 Interactive Sessions
  • 18+ Labs
    Loads of fun, competitions and much much more.

Day 1 has 5 tracks and Day 2 has 6 tracks.
Focusing on interactive sessions, labs/workshops, skit performances and fun activities and quizzes and much much more.
The conference scale as is evident has increased substantially. We hope that everyone can be part of this most fun filled and one of the largest global testing conference.
To know more about the conference, click here or on the image below

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