Global Testing Retreat #ATAGTR2019 welcomes Soumya Mukherjee as our esteemed speaker

We would like to Welcome Soumya Mukherjee as our esteemed speaker for Global Testing Retreat #ATAGTR2019
Soumya Mukherjee is passionate about creating new tool and framework creation for QA. Developer at heart, Tester at core, always trying to do something new.
Soumya is having more than 14 years of experience working in web, Mobile & API Test Automation, Performance Testing, DevOps, TestOps, Machine Learning & Conversational AI, Cognitive AI Test Automation, Bigdata Testing, Consulting, Trainings, Product Management, mentoring & transforming teams.
Soumya Mukherjee is our esteemed speaker for #ATAGTR2019.
Soumya will be taking hands on Lab Session on “Code Along workshop – AI – Chatbot development and Testing using RASA” – Track 3 on Day 1
We had posted some questions to Soumya as a part of his #ATAMyStory
1. Why do you think speaking at #ATAGTR2019 really matters to you?
I still remember why GTR has started and you won’t be surprised to know that folks in GTR wanted to give an opportunity and platform to all budding QA folks who are searching for a platform to showcase their achievements. It is a platform were creativity, unique ideas, latest tech/tools in QA meets all those who are aspiring QAs and looking to enhance their knowledge. For me I like to meet new folks and get to understand what is that they are working new. I also like to mentor and I do get folks who really needs mentoring and most importantly I like to have that fun which most of the speakers like having in GTR.
2. Do you think that organizations and individuals should go out and mingle more in community programs ?
Yes and definitely they need to come out more in numbers and contribute in the community driven program. I have seen that most of the folks don’t come out and share their experience as they don’t have “time”. I believe sharing makes you stronger in what you know, and you may innovate in the process while interacting. Also I have seen folks do come only to glorify themselves in their respective companies which only helps them, again a wrong idea. Be open in sharing ideas, give time to folks who need your help
3. While practice makes all of us perfect, share an everyday practice that has made things better for you at work
Consistently deliver high quality stuff, thrive for perfection

About Global Testing Retreat, #ATAGTR2019

#ATAGTR2019 is one of the largest, most fun filled and learning filled global testing conference. #ATAGTR2019 is back again in its 4th edition with more fun and more learnings than in the past. The conference is scheduled on 14th and 15th December in Pune.

  • 2 Days
  • 2 Panel Discussions
  • 4 Keynotes
  • 5 Skits and Games
  • 38 Interactive Sessions
  • 18+ Labs
    Loads of fun, competitions and much much more.

Day 1 has 5 tracks and Day 2 has 6 tracks.
Focusing on interactive sessions, labs/workshops, skit performances and fun activities and quizzes and much much more.
The conference scale as is evident has increased substantially. We hope that everyone can be part of this most fun filled and one of the largest global testing conference.
To know more about the conference, click here or on the image below

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