ATAMumbai22Meetup happened on 22nd Feb – it was extremely well received -> here is a quick briefing

ATAMumbai Meetup group hosted its 22nd meetup this saturday.

22nd Mumbai meetup happened on 22nd February with super participation from the Mumbai folks.
Thanks to our host, Swati and team who did an excellent job for making everyone feel at home and giving us a such a wonderful place to learn and share our knowledge.


On a saturday morning the meetup started right on time. Here is a group photo from the meetup.


Introduction Session and 22nd Meetup theme


This was the theme for the 22nd Mumbai meetup.
Adi connected Chef Pablo’s story with the passion and asked the audience on what was their passion!
We are so used to our day to day mundane life that we tend to forget our passion. The meetup made people write down their passion and go for it..
Here is a picture collage from the meetup


Welcome session

Swati Gaonkar who is the founding head of Step one Step ahead and was the host for the meetup welcomed all the participants.


The session was followed by a hands on lab session on Api Testing using Postman

Adi helped all the attendees go through a step by step process for connecting with an application and doing sample API requests using Postman. Very interactive and hands on session which was appreciated by all
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There was a tea/snack break post this session.


Hands on session on RPA using UiPath

Sagar took the next session on using UiPath for RPA. It was an excellent hands on session where all the participants created a Bot for one of the use cases.

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