1st Virtual Meetup by Agile Testing Alliance : Small write-up with Videos of the session

Agile Testing Alliance organised its First Virtual Meetup #ATAVirtualMeetup1. The meetup went very well with a good number of attendees joining the Virtual Meetup.
We wish to give a Big Thanks to our Chief Guest Jitendra Dutt Sharma and all our esteemed speakers  Rajni SinghShrinathacharya L M, Mukund Z and Sumit Mundhada for their time and very insightful sessions, much appreciated by all the attendees.
We also wish to give big thanks and our sincere appreciation to all the attendees for making this event a success with their active participation, who are all doing a great national service by staying home and we are happu that they enjoyed “Learn from Home” through this meetup.
There were polls before and after each session and attendees took interest in these polls and voted their opinion the each poll. These polls helped speakers understanding the attendees and deliver their session according to exposure of attendees on the topic.

Inaugural session by our Chief Guest Jitendra Dutt Sharma

The meetup started on time with a brief introduction by Aditya Garg, Steering Committee Member of ATA followed by a very motivational and insightful inaugural session by our Chief Guest Jitendra Dutt Sharma, Head of Competency Centers (Amdocs Quality Engineering Services) on Self Learning and Development in Turbulence. The session was very powerful and gave thoughtful reasoning, guidance and way forward for managing time & developing skills in this testing time of National and Global Lock-down. Very much appreciated by all the attendees.
Here is the video URL of his session
[gdlr_video url=”” ]

1st session on AI in Test Automation

After a very good inaugural session the 1st Session was on AI in Test Automation” taken by Rajni Singh, Senior Manager, Nagarro. It was a very interesting and engaging session with a lot of queries that Rajni would have taken offline with the participants.
Here is the video of this wonderful session
[gdlr_video url=”” ]
The 2nd session as per schedule was to be taken by Mukund Zalke but due to some technical or connectivity issue he could not connect and the 2nd session was then taken by the next speaker Shrinathacharya. A very likely scenario that may occur in a virtual environment occurred here and with readiness of the speakers the Virtual Meetup continued smoothly.

2nd session was on Selenium Boot up with C# by Shrinathacharya

Shrinathacharya L M, Principal Engineer- Allscripts pitched in to start his session early in the current scenario. His topic was “Selenium Boot up with C# – From Setup for first Execution”. He showed practical demo during his session and was a very good session.
Here is the video of the session
[gdlr_video url=”” ]
During the second session ATA team connected with Mukund, helped resolve the issue and Mukund was ready for his session:

Next session was on Xscale by Mukund Zalke

The next Session on topic “Xscale(Automated Testing Infrastructure using Docker, Selenium Grid and Grafana)”. It was taken by Mukund Z, Software Development Engineer in Test at Xpanxion. It was also a powerful session with active participation by attendees.
Here is the video of the session.
[gdlr_video url=”″ ]

Last session on Ansible by Sumit Mundhada

The last session was on “Continuous Delivery using Ansible” by Sumit Mundhada Test Automation Lead, Vodafone Shared Services India. after his session the First Virtual Meetup by Agile Testing Alliance concluded with a poll on the event and attendees found it excellent.
Here is the video URL for Sumit’s session
[gdlr_video url=”” ]

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