Some interesting results from #ATAVirtualMeetup1 -> 65% folks attended the meetup in their night dress and more such findings…

Agile Testing Alliance organised its First Virtual Meetup #ATAVirtualMeetup1 on 28th March 2020. The Meetup was inaugurated by our Chief Guest Jitendra Dutt Sharma with his motivating and guiding session on “Self learning and Development in Turbulence“. The momentum carried with some insightful sessions by our esteemed speakers Rajni Singh, Shrinathacharya L M, Mukund Z and Sumit Mundhada, that were very much appreciated by all the attendees. You can watch virtual meetup sessions videos on our YouTube channel playlist.
Some very interesting / funny polls set the engagement mood to full on.  Please look at some of the survey results from the meetup.

A) 65% folks attended the meetup in their night dress

In a normal meetup can we imaging attendees in their night dress.. wish we can. Here is what happened in ATA’s first virtual meetup. 65% people attending the meetup in their night dress. We can now announce that this may have been one of the most comfortable meetups ever for the participants.

B) 75 % people woke up after 7 AM with 43 % actually waking up after 8 PM.

Normally our regular meetups start at 9:00 or 9:30 AM, to reach the venue by 9:30 AM and travel all the way to the venue requires folks to wake up before 7. This had been the scenario so far. Things changed dramatically in this meetup. 75% people actually woke up after 7 am. Actually 43% woke up after 8 am. Again proving beyond doubt that the virtual meetup experiment is much kinder for the attendees and gives them a great advantage by not letting them waste their precious time planning for travelling and actually travelling.

C) Have you experienced Ansible before ?

Only 18% of the audience had experienced Ansible before. Majority of attendees were excited to be a part of the meetup and to know more about Ansible.

D) Have you worked on these three – Docker, Selenium Grid and Grafana ?

Interesting pie chart below. Only 11% of the attendees had prior exposure on all the three tools, with 32% knowing both Selenium Grid and Docker. Mukund’s session was really appreciated by all.

E) Which is your preferred language when you are using Selenium ?

This was a surprising finding – almost 70% of the attendees were using Java as the preferred language for Selenium. Only 7% of the attendees had exposure of using C# with Selenium. It was for this reason that the Selenium C# bootup session was wonderfully received by all the audience.

F) What is your opinion on AI (artificial intelligence) being used in testing or test automation. Is it just pure HYPE ?

22% of the attendees felt Ai is all Hype – this was before the session from Rajni.

G) Let us know your thoughts now on Ai in Testing. After attending Rajni’s session. Is it a hype – or a reality ?

After Rajni’s session, the 22% figure of people believing that Ai is all hype came down to just 3%. Rajni was able to showcase great usage of Ai in Testing and Test Automation which resulted in this conversion.

H) Have you participated in ATA meetups before ?

64% of the attendee population had attended our physical meetups before. This was to understand the audience split because the next survey question was related to importance of virtual meetup.

I) Do you think virtual meetup would be important in coming days ?

100% of the audience believed that the Virtual Meetup is the way to go. This was a feedback post our Virtual meetup. A BIG thumbs up to Virtual Meetup.


J) How was your experience today with ATA’s virtual meetup ?

95% folks gave a feedback which was either excellent or very good. Again summing up that the meetup was very well received.


K) Would you like to recommend these meetup to your friends and colleagues ?

100% of the audience felt that these virtual meetups need to be recommended to their friends and collegues.

This actually sums up the overall experience. A BIG KUDOS to all the speakers and all our ATTENDEES too for making this even a super event.

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