#ATATalk – Episode 2 : Session on API testing, evolution of modern API and automation techniques by Sundaresan Krishnaswami

Agile Testing Alliance hosted #ATATalk – Episode 2 on 25th March 2021 from 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm (IST).

About the Session:
In this community session, Sundaresan talked about the API testing, evolution of modern API and automation techniques. Participants also got a chance to interact with Sundaresan live in this wonderful #ATATalk initiative.

ATATALK is a new community initiative of ATA

ATA has held many conferences and meetups in the past years. In 2020, we managed to hold 2 virtual conferences and 6 virtual meetups. This year we started off with a virtual SeleniumSummit21 . While we are still grappling with Covid situation and physical events are yet to kick off. We thought about having a 45 minute to 60 minute live learning / interactive capsules. Thus allowing us to break the monotonous regime and quickly get in new learning bytes. Enabling us to connect with each other and with the budding/established speakers. #ATATALK is to fulfill this need. The idea around #ATATALK is to give all budding speakers a chance to share their ideas and knowledge with the community.

ATATALK is thus all about discussing fresh ideas, innovative thoughts, solving problems, treading on unchartered waters or learning something which is important in todays scenario and in the process creating a larger community of thought leadership.

Everybody is welcome to attend #ATATALK and also be a speaker at #ATATALK.

Here is the video link of the session:

Here is the Slide Deck of the session:

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