About us

About us


ATA is a global alliance of Technologists, QA, Agile and DevOps practitioners, professionals and experts. ATA is driving community driven shared and collaborative learnings across multiple chapters in 24 countries.

ATA is a training and certification organization providing globally recognized Certification in the areas of Agile Testing, Kanban, DevOps and technology/tools. These are created based on global skills requirement.

Our vision is:

  • To collaborate and create self evolving communities
  • To grow agile testing and DevOps awareness, practices and acceptance.
  • To grow new age technology usage and evangelism in areas like DevOps, Machine Learning, BigData, IoT, BlockChain etc.
  • To continuously evolve practical assessment driven programs

Preferred Training / Corporate Partners

If you are interested to be our corporate partner mail us on : atasupport@agiletestingalliance.org

Strategic Partners