Past Events Gallery

Past Events Gallery

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#ATAVadodaraMeetup (2)

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#ATAJaipur meetup 2023 (2)

ATA Round Table Talk 1
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Virtual Meetup
ATA Bangalore 25th Meetup

CP-DOF 26-04-2019 Bangalore
ATA Bangalore 22nd Meetup on 25 May 2019
ATA Bangalore 21st Meetup on 27 APR 2019
ATA 22nd Pune Meetup 27th Feb 2019 – in association with Amdocs
CP-WST 5th March 2019 Pune
ATA Bangalore 20th Meetup
ATA Pune 21st Meetup
CP-SAT 15-02-2019 Pune
CP-SAT 01-02-2019 Bangalore
CP-DOF 1-Feb-2019 Pune
CP-DOF 16-01-2019 Amdocs
CP-DOF 28-01-2019 Amdocs, NCR
ATA Bangalore 19th Meetup
ATA Bangalore 18th Meetup

CP-SAT HERE 8 Oct 2018 Mumbai
CP-SAT Pune 14 Dec 2018
CP-SAT Ingram Micro 10 Dec 2018 Mumbai
CP-DOF 30 Nov 2018 Pune
CP-DOF-HERE-4-Dec-Mumbai CP-DOF HERE 4 Dec Mumbai
CP-DOF AMDOCS November 2018 Pune
#MLDSday 1st Dec Bangalore
CP-SAT 16th – 18th November, 2018 Pune
CP-SAT Pune September 7, 8 & 9 2018
#CPSATDay Pune 21 July 2018 with support from Fujitsu
#MLDSday 27 October 2018
CP-MLDS Mumbai Nov 2, 3 & 4
CPSAT MUMBAI August 2018
CPSAT bangalore 17,18,19 August 2018
CP-SAT Day Mumbai
#ATAPune18Meetup 30 June 2018 – in association with Cognizant
CP – MAT Bangalore
CP – SAT Day Banglaore
CP – AAT Chandigarh
CP – SAT Bangalore 13th – 15th April 2018
Selenium Automation Summit 2018
ATA 19th Mumbai Meetup
ATA Pune 17th meetup
ATA Bangalore 17th Meetup
CP-TDM, Mumbai

CP-MAT Ecuador Dec, 2017
ATA Pune 16th Meetup
CP-MAT @Pune
ATA Mumbai 18th Meetup – 4th Anniversary Mumbai Chapter
ATA Bangalore 16th Meetup
CP-AAT, Pune
CP-MAT Bangalore 27th-29th July 2017
CP-MAT Bangalore 21st – 23rd July
CP-AAT Pune 2nd-4th June
CP-AAT 7-9 July Pune
CP-MAT Chennai (23rd-25th June’17)
CP-MAT Bangalore (23rd-25th June’17)
CP-MAT Mumbai (7th – 9th July’17)
ATA Pune 15th Meetup @ FiServ
ATA Mumbai 17th Meetup
ATA Bangalore 14th Meetup
CP-MAT (26-28 May)Pune
CP-MAT Bangalore
ATA Bangalore 13th Meetup
CP-MAT, BMC Software
12th Meetup ATA Bangalore Chapter
CP-MAT Capgemini Pune
ATA Meet up Bangalore, Feb 2017
CPMAT in Capgemini, Pune
CP-MAT CapGemini Pune
CP-AAT Program, Pune – HSBC
CP-MAT CapGemini, Mumbai
ATA Pune 14th Meetup 6th May 2017
ATA 16th Mumbai Meetup
CP-MAT Bangalore
CP-MAT Capgemini Pune
CP-MAT Bangalore
CP-MAT Public Program Pune

Virtual Meetup

ATAGG2015 few moments
CP-Mobile-MAT Mumbai 19-20-21 August
CP-M-MAT Certified Professional – Mobile – Master Agile Testing
BugATAhon 2015 Mumbai
BugATAhon2015 Chennai
BugATAhon 2015 Delhi
BugATAhon 2015 Bangalore
BugATAhon 2015 – Pune

Chennai BugATAhon 2014
Pune BugATAhon 2014
Certified Professional – Master Agile Testing (CP-MAT)
AgileTestingAlliance At AgileNCR2014
Bangalore BugATAhon 2014
Agile Testing Alliance Global Gathering 2014
Master Agile Testing Class Bangalore
CP-MAT Bengaluru 20,21,22 June 2014
5th ATA Bangalore Meetup
6th ATA Bengaluru Meetup
CP-MAT at UTM Kuala Lumpur – 2014
2014 Sept Delhi / NCR Meetup
CP-MAT Delhi

ATA Meet at Capgemini
ATA Meet @Datamatics Mumbai