ATA Jaipur Meetup 1


1st Meetup at Jaipur organized by Agile Testing Alliance with Pratham Software™ (PSI) on 7 October 2023

This was  our inaugural in-person Jaipur meetup 

The recent in-person meetup(#ATAJaipurMeetup) was truly a unique and insightful experience. It was organized by Agile Testing Alliance (ATA) in association with Pratham Software™ (PSI)

We would like to thank entire Pratham Software™ (PSI) for being our wonderful hosts and for helping us pull this wonderful in person meetup.

#ATAJaipurMeetup Speakers

Aditya Garg

CEO at AvanteNow and a Steering Committee Member at Agile Testing Alliance

Rohit Mehta

Practice Head – Quality and Automation Testing
Pratham Software (PSI)

Yaman Pareek

Test Engineer at PSI working on AI and ML Algorithms

Prateek Gupta

Test Automation architect more than a decade exp in automation

Meenal Jain

Sr Test Engineer expertise in multiple UI automation engines

Somendra Sharma

Test engineer having extensive exp on Cypress

Chain Singh

 Automation Lead at PSI working with multiple Automation Technologies.

Sunil Sharma

Sr Test Engineer at PSI, Experience in Automation Engine design

Please find below the details of each session –

Rohit Mehta: MobSF: Mobile Security Testing (Android/IoS)

Mobile security is more critical than ever, and we delved deep into the intricacies of securing Android and iOS applications. A must-know for anyone in the mobile testing arena! 

Yaman Pareek: AI in Automation Using Comupter Vision

The fusion of AI and automation is reshaping the QA landscape. Discover how Computer Vision is revolutionizing test automation and ensuring impeccable software quality.

Prateek Gupta: Automation for test data anonymization

Data privacy is paramount, and automating test data anonymization is essential. We explored the tools and techniques to ensure data security in testing environments.

Meenal Jain: AI in UI automation using Helenium

Harnessing AI in UI automation is a game-changer. Learn how Helenium is empowering testers to create smarter, more robust UI tests.

Somendra and Chain Singh: Parallel Test execution in Cypress with CI/CD

Speed and efficiency are the name of the game. Discover how parallel test execution in Cypress, combined with CI/CD pipelines, can turbocharge your testing processes.

Sunil Sharma: Localisation Testing using UI automation

In our increasingly globalized world, localization testing is a crucial aspect of QA. Explore how UI automation can simplify and enhance the localization testing process.

This event was an excellent opportunity to network with fellow QA professionals, gain new perspectives, and deepen our understanding of the ever-evolving QA landscape. A big thank you to Pratham Software (PSI) and Agile Testing Alliance for organizing this insightful meet-up! 

Let’s continue to push the boundaries of quality assurance and drive innovation in software testing. Stay curious and keep learning!

Photo collage from the event is as below. To the FB Album