ATA Round Table Talk1

ATA Round Table Talk 1

ATA Round Table Talk – An Open Discussion with Experts ( 27 July 2022 , 8:00 pm – 9:00 pm IST)

#ATAGTR2022 brought to you #ATARoundTableTalk1 an open discussion with Experts.  

The topic for discussion was “How to be a successful tester” 

we had the following experts with us

Sanjay Kumar 

Founder of SelectorsHub

Mukesh Otwani

Vice President

Naveen Khunteta

Founder & Director

EdTech Platform

The recording of the event is now available, please click on the below image to view it on our You Tube Channel
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More than 600 folks from different cities and different organizations registered for the event. There were more than 100 people who attended the event