Agile Testing Alliance Global Gathering (ATAGG 2015)

ATAGG - 8-9 October 2015

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2014 Edition

"The presentation pattern & style is very good and very informative.

Bharathi Mekad, Oracle

"Fantastic session, very nicely presented the soft skill in the agile world."

Mohan Raj M, Capgemini

"Very Good session cool as cucumber salad on the plate."

Gopi.J, IBM

"Spoke of challenges we face everyday, or hear of from people of different organisations. Really helpful."

Harinee, Thoughtwork

"very informative. Driven audience to think differently. thank you."

Pramod Johnson, McFadyen

"Provided good insight into mobile apps testing and inspiring people to move that domain. Excellent!!"

Sowrathi, Citrix


The Lalit Ashok

Kumara Krupa High Grounds Bangalore : 560001 Karnataka