ATA Hyderabad Meetup 1


1st Meetup at Hyderabad organized by Agile Testing Alliance with TMI group on 22nd July 2023

This was  our inaugural in-person Hyderabad meetup 

The recent in-person meetup(#ATAHyderabadMeetup) was truly a unique and insightful experience. It was organized by Agile Testing Alliance (ATA) in association with TMI Group

We would like to thank entire TMI Group for being our wonderful hosts, special thanks to Archana Samtaney (Marketing Head, TMI) , Akshita Kashyap (Project Manager People Performance Analytics, TMI) for helping us pull this wonderful in person meetup.

#ATAHyderabadMeetup Speakers

Bhavani Sruti Somaraju

Lead ET

Moolya Software Testing

Samir Goswami

Chief Automation and Technology Officer

TMI Network

Tilottama Goswami

Professor, Department of Information Technology

Vasavi College of Engineering

Aditya Garg

CEO ServiceNow Practice AvanteNow, Steering Committee Member at Agile Testing Alliance,

Please find below the details of each session –

Aditya Garg: #ATAHyderabad Meetup – Welcome session

Aditya’s opening talk gave a comprehensive overview of the Agile Testing Alliance (ATA) with some wonderful #Satsang #Techsang opportunities. Aditya talked about ATA being dedicated to building self-sustaining communities, and has already hosted multiple meetups in cities such as Pune, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Delhi, and Baroda. ATA is also preparing for their 8th edition of the #ATAGTR2023 (Global Testing Retreat) event, which will be held offline for four days in Pune and will centre around the theme of “Embracing Technical Agility and Tech Future”. In addition, the session touched on the increasing trend of hybrid work, the new skills needed for jobs in the future, and the rise of side hustles. For those interested in learning more, past editions of ATAGTR and other community conferences organized by ATA can be accessed via the website. The session was eye-opening and truly highlighted the importance of ATA’s mission.

Key takeaways:

  1. ATA is a community-focused organization that organizes meetups and events to promote agile testing.
  2. The ATAGTR event is a significant annual gathering for professionals in the testing industry.
  3. The article highlights the trends of hybrid work, changing job skills, and the importance of side hustles.

Tilottama Goswami: Robust Testing Strategies for Machine Learning Models

The talk discussed the impact of Industrial Revolution 4.0 in real-world scenarios, focusing on Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Machine Learning (ML), and Computer Vision (CV). It explores various applications of these technologies, such as data entry, sentiment analysis, object detection, and optical character recognition. The session also highlighted real-world examples of ML model failures, challenges faced by companies like IBM Watson, Microsoft, Google, and Tesla, and key factors for robust ML model testing.

Key takeaways:

  1. Industrial Revolution 4.0 has brought advancements in RPA, ML, and CV, enabling automation and improved decision-making in various industries.
  2. ML model failures can occur due to biased training data, lack of diversity in development teams, and insufficient testing and validation.
  3. Robust ML model testing requires addressing bias-variance trade-off, comprehensive training data, rigorous hyperparameter tuning, validation and evaluation techniques, adversarial testing, and continuous monitoring and maintenance.


In this session, Sruti discussed the importance of accessibility testing of applications in ensuring equal access and usability for individuals with disabilities. It highlights the types of disabilities and the laws and standards related to accessibility in India. The session also emphasizes the benefits of accessibility for individuals, businesses, and society as a whole. She discussed various testing methods and basic checks for accessibility, as well as platforms and guidelines for web content accessibility. Sruti concluded by mentioning some popular accessibility testing tools and a checklist for creating accessible content.

Key takeaways:

  1. Accessibility testing is crucial for ensuring equal access and usability for individuals with disabilities.
  2. Laws and standards exist to promote accessibility in various countries, including India.
  3. Accessibility benefits individuals, businesses, and society by providing equal opportunities, expanding market reach, enhancing user experience, improving SEO and web visibility, ensuring legal compliance, and building a positive brand reputation.

Samir Goswami: Testing Data Analysis Framework A Case Study

This talk explored the importance of testing data analysis frameworks, particularly the case of People Performance Analysis (PPA) framework developed by TMI. It delved into the need to test the different components, such as unit testing, integration testing, data validation testing, and accuracy and precision testing. The talk also highlighted the various stages involved in data analysis, from data collection and processing to transformation, analysis visualization, and dataset preparation. It was stressed that in order to gain reliable insights and make informed decisions, the validity and accuracy of the data analytics framework must be truly ensured. Finally, the session outlined the purpose, scope, testing tools, end-user involvement, and validation aspects of software applications vs. data analytics platforms. This talk ultimately communicated the critical role that testing plays in the accuracy, reliability, and success of data analysis frameworks.

Key takeaways:

  1. Testing is crucial for ensuring the accuracy, reliability, and validity of data analysis frameworks.
  2. Different testing approaches, such as unit testing, integration testing, and data validation testing, should be implemented to ensure the proper functioning of the framework.
  3. Documentation of testing processes and results helps in maintaining a clear record of the framework’s performance and improvements over time.

Photo collage from the event is as below. To the FB Album