ATA Hyderabad Meetup 2 past


2nd Meetup at Hyderabad organized by Agile Testing Alliance with PalTech Consulting Pvt. Ltd on 23 September 2023

This was our 2nd in-person Hyderabad meetup 

Our hosts for the meetup were PalTech.

We would like to thank entire PalTech Consulting Pvt. Ltd Group for being our wonderful hosts for helping us pull this wonderful in person meetup. 

PalTech stands as a premier IT consulting firm, specializing in cross-industry digital transformation. Guided by adept engineers, they deliver bespoke services spanning app development, cloud/DevOps, data engineering, analytics, AI/ML, to steer organizations toward elevated efficiency and innovation.

#ATAHyderabadMeetup2 Speakers

Samir Goswami

Chief Automation and Technology Officer

TMI Network

Krishan Meghani

CEO and CO-Founder


Raghvendra Upadhyay

Software Engineer

Defence Research and Development Organisation

Vinay Kumar Chintapally

Associate Manager

Techigai Pvt Ltd

Please find below the details of each session –

Krishan Meghani: Importance of AI in testing

The presentation, “Significance of AI in Testing,” highlights the pivotal role of artificial intelligence (AI) in revolutionizing software testing. It begins by recognizing the growing complexity of modern software applications and introduces fundamental AI concepts like machine learning and deep learning. The presentation underscores the relevance of AI today, given the vast data volumes generated by platforms like YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram. AI’s Central to the presentation is the application of AI in testing, covering test case generation, execution, and analysis. This showcases how AI-driven automation can significantly boost testing efficiency and effectiveness. Different types of AI techniques, including machine learning, natural language processing, and computer vision, are discussed, illustrating their practical utility in testing scenarios. The presentation highlights the benefits of AI in testing, such as improved test coverage, quicker execution, early defect detection, cost reduction, and enhanced test case generation. It acknowledges challenges like domain knowledge and ethical considerations. Looking ahead, emerging trends in AI for testing are explored, including test data generation, security testing, and more, underscoring the evolving landscape of AI in testing. In conclusion, the presentation emphasizes AI’s transformative impact on software quality assurance and its strategic importance for organizations aiming to deliver high-quality software efficiently in a competitive market.

Raghvendra Upadhyay: Testing challenges of real time object tracking system

Testing real-time object tracking systems presents a series of intricate challenges due to the dynamic nature of tracking moving objects. This presentation, led by Raghvendra Upadhyay, illuminates the critical testing challenges specific to such systems.The diverse behaviors and appearances of objects in real-world scenarios necessitate testing that covers a broad spectrum of scenarios, encompassing variations in object sizes, shapes, colors, textures, lighting conditions, and movements.Objects frequently become partially or fully obscured by other objects in the scene. Effective testing must scrutinize the system’s capability to manage occlusions and sustain tracking when objects reappear. Environmental factors such as noise, vibrations, or abrupt movements can perturb object tracking. Testing becomes imperative to gauge the system’s resilience in the face of disturbances. In scenarios with multiple coexisting objects, the system must accurately discern and track each object separately. Testing should simulate multi-object conditions and assess tracking precision. Acquiring comprehensive real-world data for testing proves challenging. The generation and augmentation of synthetic data may be requisite to form a diverse array of test cases. The performance of real-time tracking systems may fluctuate across different hardware configurations. Thus, testing must encompass various hardware setups to ensure compatibility and efficiency.Changes in lighting, weather, or environmental conditions can impact tracking accuracy. Testing should incorporate these variations and evaluate the system’s adaptability.

Effectively addressing these testing challenges is crucial to guarantee the reliability and robustness of real-time object tracking systems, which are increasingly essential in applications ranging from autonomous vehicles to surveillance and robotics.

Vinay Kumar Chintapally: Security and penetration testing for a Web Application

The talk covered various topics related to security testing and cryptography. It starts with the importance of only authorized people being able to update information and the availability of the application/system. It then discusses the basics of security testing, focusing on cookies. The difference between cookies, session IDs, and sessions is explained. Cryptography and different techniques are explored, with a specific focus on symmetric key encryption. Asymmetric key encryption is also discussed, highlighting the use of public and private keys for encryption and decryption. The presentation also covers encoding and decoding, explaining their purpose in transforming data into different formats for proper consumption by systems. The role of OWASP, a non-profit organization focused on improving software security, is mentioned, along with their publications, guides, and tools. Overall, the presentation provides an overview of important concepts and techniques related to security testing and cryptography.

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