#ATAMumbaiMeetup23 was successfully organized in association with Sogeti and Capgemini India on 9th September.

#ATAMumbaiMeetup23 was successfully organized in association with Sogeti and Capgemini India on 9th September

There were more than 80 people who participated in this wonderful in-person meetup. We also celebrated International Testers day.

The hosting team was led by Harpreet Kaur Kahai, Dhanashri Pote Bhide, Chaitali Lambat and  Padmaja Alapati

Aditya Garg welcomed everyone with a though provoking session on how to keep abreast with our changing world. TechSang ( A Satsang of technology professionals) was proposed and accepted by everyone. Aditya also talked about what is ATA all about, gave a brief glimpse of #ATAGTR2023 and also requested everyone to stay tuned on more competitions that would be launched soon in #ATAGTR2023 

Next session was on Visual Testing Visual perfection for your apps made easy using App Percy – It was delivered by Sanket Mali

Sanket Mali talked about how App Percy is useful and it can reduce workload. Some thought shared are

Functional testing verifies an application’s behavior, ensuring it functions correctly. In contrast, visual testing focuses on pixel-perfect accuracy, confirming that application screens display precisely as intended. It checks elements like fonts and screen element placement, guarding against unintended issues caused by unrelated functional changes. App Percy, designed for both Native and Hybrid mobile apps on Android and iOS devices, automates visual testing to enhance build quality, streamline release cycles, and boost developer productivity. In essence, App Percy offers an effortless solution to achieve visual perfection in your apps, ensuring your application’s design aligns seamlessly with your desired standards.

This session was followed by Panel Discussion: “Rapid evolution and trends in Quality Engineering: Navigating the Shifting Landscape, Trends and Challenges”

Parinita led the panel discussion with a warm welcome to all the panelists and then tough questions to all of them followed by rapid fire. The esteemed panellists were Ramchand Bhambani from Accenture,  Aditya Garg , Neeladri Madhab Nath, Balaji Rajagopalan, Suneeta Palande from Suneeta Palande. Panel discussion was appreciated by all the audience as there were personal insights on the rapid evolution and trends on QE from all the industry stalwarts.

Navigating Software Testing with Value Stream Management: A Comprehensive Overview.

Next session was from Amit Khodke and Devino Menezes, they spoke on Navigating Software Testing with Value Stream Management: A Comprehensive Overview. Why is Value stream

Amit and Devino were wonderful in sharing what is value stream and how software testing can get benefitted by this.

Next Dhiren Shah and Yagnesh Tailor gave a wonderful session on How Generative AI is Revolutionizing Software Testing and Automation

Dhiren and Yagnesh talked about Generative AI and Testing – it was very interactive and wonderful session. They talked about how Software product testing is essential for ensuring customer satisfaction, reducing errors and bugs, and improving the overall user experience. However, software product testing can also be challenging, time-consuming, and costly. It requires a lot of human resources, expertise, and creativity to design and execute effective test cases that cover all the possible scenarios and edge cases. Moreover, software products are constantly evolving and updating, which means that the test cases also need to be updated and maintained regularly. This is where generative AI can play a vital role in software product testing. Generative AI can help automate and enhance the software product testing process by generating realistic and diverse test data, scenarios, and cases that can mimic the real-world user behavior and expectations. Generative AI can also help discover new bugs and vulnerabilities that might be overlooked by human testers or conventional testing methods.

This session was followed by an insightful session by Deepa Talwaria she spoke on Site Reliability Engineering & Chaos Engineering

Vote of thanks was given by Padmaja. The entire Capgemini team Padmaja, Harpreet… were able to bring a world class event to us. Many thanks to all of them

Photo collage from the event is as below. To the FB Album

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