Jan 2022 Newsletter

First things first, Wish you a very happy 2022. May it bring prosperity, health and happiness your way.  

The year 2021 was tough on us, with deadly covid variant which caused havoc around the world. Some of our key members were also affected, and thanks to you, and our community which kept the faith in us, and helped us to keep moving ahead with phrase – The show must go on! 


The year 2021, ATA successfully brought three mega conferences for the testing community. The conference #SeleniumSummit2021 hosted in Feb’21 which is the only Indian conference which brings together the Selenium practitioners from across the globe. The #APISummit2021 hosted in July’21, first ever conference dedicated to testing and APIs. We ended 2021 on a high note, with our 6th successful edition of Global Testing Retreat 


In these conferences we saw great participation from testing leaders across the Globe. We had Maaret, Michael Bolton, Julia Pottinger, Andrew Knight, Dimpy Adhikari, Shawn Jacques, Raghav Pal, Kushan Amarsiri and many such stalwarts brought together on our platform, sharing their insights with our equally inquisitive community. More than 500 companies participated in these conferences, which also brought together more than 1000 attendees joining us from different time zones. We also saw immense participation in our various competition and events organized throughout the year like #SelQurATAhon2021, #BlogATAhon2021, and #HackATAhon.  

We received amazing feedback for our efforts, and your kind words help us keep the learning lamp burning for the year 2022 as well.  

In case you have missed our conference, you can still access the speaker videos by visiting our YouTube platform. 

Besides, the conferences we also started the initiative of #ATATalks, which were introduced in place of physical meetups we had. We hope that in year 2022, we are able to shape #ATATalks better, where we aim to provide a platform to continue the talks on testing throughout the year.  

We also released a book for our community – Selenium 4 A Quick and Practical Guide. The book with a practical approach provided through real time code examples, showcased the changes Selenium 4 brought. You can avail your copy if you haven’t done it yet.  



On the certifications front, our popular and running certification and training courses – Certified Professional Selenium Automation Testing [CPSAT], Certified Professional Web Service Testing [CPWST] and Certified Professional DevOps Foundation [CPDOF] saw more active participation from the testing community. If you want to know more about our certification and training events, we would urge you to visit the ATA Events Page.  

We are starting the year 2022 on a high note, and have already aligned events for you to attend. Our much anticipated CPSAT prepatory course, and the most coveted training course on Web Services testing currently offered in industry – CPWST, are being launched in Feb 2022.  



We also invite you to join our vibrant ATA community on telegram, and follow us on linkedin and twitter to keep in touch with us, and never miss a news from ATA.  

We hope you have a great 2022, and we are immensely grateful for your continuous patronage with us.  

May the year be kind to us all.  

Best Wishes 

Agile Testing Alliance 

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